Rumpole of the Bailey

Rumpole and the Barrow Boy

Series 5 - Episode 2 Rumpole and the Barrow Boy



The lawyer defends a dealer charged with insider trading, and Henry the chamber clerk asks for Rumpole's advice as he considers eloping to Australia with Dianne the typist. Courtroom drama, featuring Elizabeth Hurley in an early role, alongside Leo McKern.

Cast & Crew

Horace Rumpole Leo McKern
Hilda Rumpole Marion Mathie
Samuel `Soapy Sam' Ballard, QC Peter Blythe
Claude Erskine-Brown Julian Curry
Mr Bernard Denis Lill
Henry Jonathan Coy
Dianne Maureen Derbyshire
Uncle Tom Richard Murdoch
Percy Hoskins Denys Graham
Jack Pommeroy Eric Dodson
Judge Gerald Graves Robin Bailey
Sir Christopher Japhet Frederick Treves
Rosie Japhet Elizabeth Hurley
Director Julian Amyes
Writer John Mortimer
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