The Princes in the Tower

Series 1 - Episode 9 The Princes in the Tower



The White Queen’s King Richard III isn’t the bottled spider or foul hunch-back’d toad of Shakespeare, he’s a dreamboat who bears more than a passing resemblance to One Direction’s Harry Styles.

But Richard is in torment. Elizabeth blames him for locking her two young sons (or rather one young son and one hapless changeling) in the Tower, and holds him directly responsible for their fate. But Richard, his brooding face a picture of hurt innocence, is furious and unhappy when it becomes clear that someone wishes the young princes ill. The poor kids are in fact a huge inconvenience to quite a few people, including that pious, pragmatic hypocrite Lady Margaret Beaufort (Amanda Hale). She thinks that, at last, the time has come for her son Henry Tudor to seize the throne of England. But others also have their eye on this most glittering of prizes.


As the new King Richard honours those who are loyal to him, Anne worries that Elizabeth's threat has not gone away, and during secret talks with Brackenbury she wishes the princes in the Tower dead. The former queen is forced to find allies where she can and accepts Margaret Beaufort's offer of help, hoping her people can help rescue the boys - but can she be trusted? Penultimate episode of the medieval drama, starring Rebecca Ferguson, Amanda Hale and Faye Marsay.

Cast & Crew

King Richard III Aneurin Barnard
Thomas Grey Ashley Charles
The Duke of Buckingham Arthur Darvill
Sir Robert Brackenbury Shaun Dooley
Queen Elizabeth Rebecca Ferguson
Lord Strange Andrew Gower
Lord Thomas Stanley Rupert Graves
Lady Margaret Beaufort Amanda Hale
Dr Lewis Michael Jenn
Henry Tudor Michael Marcus
Anne Neville Faye Marsay
Princess Elizabeth Freya Mavor
Jasper Tudor Tom McKay
Edward, Prince of Wales Nicholas Croucher
Princess Cecily Elinor Crawley
Edward V Sonny Serkis
Sir John of Reigate Patrick Brennan
Prince Richard Ted Allpress
King Edward Max Irons
Director Colin Teague
Executive Producer John Griffin
Executive Producer George Faber
Executive Producer Charles Pattinson
Executive Producer Philippa Gregory
Producer Gina Cronk
Writer Emma Frost
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