Strippers: Cars for Cash

Super Car Scrappers

Series 2 - Episode 1 Super Car Scrappers



As the name implies, Strippers is firmly tongue in cheek. On their mission to trade bangers for bucks, the cockney mechanics stumble through scripted jokes like it’s an am-dram Guy Ritchie film. Still, they have a natural charm, and some bits are genuinely amusing. Petrolheads will enjoy the car-porn close-ups of engines and burly men wielding wrenches. It’s a diverting hour, but tries too hard to be funny. These strippers should stick to their crankshafts. In this week’s show, which was first shown last Wednesday, the teams buy classic supercars to break down and sell piece by piece. But even knackered Porsches aren't cheap: will they make their money back?


Ben and Frankie take on a Porsche 911, while George and Sheldon opt for a Maserati 3200 GT.

Cast & Crew

Narrator John Challis
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