The King Is Dead

Series 1 - Episode 8 The King Is Dead



King Edward and Queen Elizabeth are enjoying a jolly family dinner with the kids. But Edward (Max Irons) looks a bit peaky and before we know it he’s vomiting into a bucket. Could it be food poisoning, or something worse? Soon it’s time for his brother Richard to take centre stage with his wife Anne, who has transformed from a wan, put-upon woman to a bit of a minx, forever dripping poison into her beloved husband’s ear.

The pair have plans, big plans, possibly the biggest plans anyone can ever have. But there might be obstacles, including Lady Margaret Beaufort, who keeps stirring the pot, and two little princes who Richard puts into the Tower. For their own safety, you understand. Thanks, Uncle Richard!


The queen worries that Edward is allowing Henry Tudor to return from exile, but the king reveals he wants to keep his enemies close. However, a sudden, unexpected turn of events leaves Elizabeth devastated and looking to her brother Anthony for support. But others are plotting against her and before long friends have turned into enemies and family have become murderers.

Cast & Crew

Richard, Duke of Gloucester Aneurin Barnard
Jane Shore Emily Berrington
Thomas Grey Ashley Charles
The Duke of Buckingham Arthur Darvill
Sir Robert Brackenbury Shaun Dooley
Queen Elizabeth Rebecca Ferguson
Duchess Cecily Caroline Goodall
Lord Thomas Stanley Rupert Graves
Lady Margaret Beaufort Amanda Hale
King Edward Max Irons
Dr Lewis Michael Jenn
Anthony Rivers Ben Lamb
Henry Tudor Michael Marcus
Anne Neville Faye Marsay
Princess Elizabeth Freya Mavor
Jasper Tudor Tom McKay
Princess Cecily Elinor Crawley
Prince Richard Ted Allpress
Prince Edward Sonny Serkis
Richard Grey Ed Brody
Director Colin Teague
Executive Producer John Griffin
Executive Producer George Faber
Executive Producer Charles Pattinson
Executive Producer Philippa Gregory
Producer Gina Cronk
Writer Malcolm Campbell
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