Bedside Manners

Series 28 - Episode 1 Bedside Manners



Junior doctor Lily Chao (Crystal Yu) isn’t going to win any prizes for her bedside manner. In fact, you feel that this intellectually sharp but fiercely combative newcomer would be more at home firing off questions in a police interrogation room while sitting under a bare light bulb. So as her mentor, poor Ash is forced to advise Lily to put the emphasis on caring rather than scaring when it comes to patient welfare.

Speaking of admissions to the ED, look out for a guest turn by Avengers heroine Honor Blackman. She brings a touch of class to the episode despite spending most of her screen time as the elderly Agatha laid up and in serious pain after being floored by a passing cyclist.


A man and his sister-in-law out on a drive together stop in a rural location, only to be set upon by masked robbers, and in their attempt to escape they crash their car. The pair try to keep their rendezvous a secret, but when they and one of their attackers all arrive separately at the ED, it doesn't take long for keen trainee doctor Lily to uncover the link between the patients. Meanwhile, Dixie helps a feisty elderly woman who is in serious pain after being knocked over by a cyclist. Honor Blackman guest stars.

Cast & Crew

Lily Chao Crystal Yu
Martin `Ash' Ashford Patrick Robinson
Zoe Hanna Sunetra Sarker
Charlie Fairhead Derek Thompson
Kathleen `Dixie' Dixon Jane Hazlegrove
Jeff Collier Matt Bardock
Big Mac Charles Dale
Noel Garcia Tony Marshall
Sam Nicholls Charlotte Salt
Robyn Miller Amanda Henderson
Jamie Collier Daniel Anthony
Louise Tyler Azuka Oforka
Agatha Kirkpatrick Honor Blackman
Elliott Thomas Alan Westaway
Georgia Bates Pollyanna McIntosh
Susan Bridger Gem Carmella
Tony O'Shaughnessey Thomas Pickles
Evangelist Simon West
Director Jon Sen
Writer Steve Bailie
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