Poison and Malmsey Wine

Series 1 - Episode 7 Poison and Malmsey Wine



George is furious when Edward makes peace with King Louis, shattering his dreams of becoming French Regent. As the court divides he openly accuses the queen of witchcraft and his brother the king of murder, and is tried for treason. Elizabeth finally has revenge on those who killed her father - but it doesn't bring her comfort.

Cast & Crew

Countess of Warwick Juliet Aubrey
Richard, Duke of Gloucester Aneurin Barnard
Queen Elizabeth Rebecca Ferguson
Duchess Cecily Caroline Goodall
Lord Thomas Stanley Rupert Graves
Lady Margaret Beaufort Amanda Hale
King Edward Max Irons
Anthony Rivers Ben Lamb
Anne Neville Faye Marsay
George, Duke of Clarence David Oakes
Mary Woodville Eve Ponsonby
Isabel Neville Eleanor Tomlinson
Jane Shore Emily Berrington
Princess Elizabeth Eloise Webb
King Louis Andreas Perschewski
Thomas Grey Otto Farrant
Thomas Burdett Steve De Schepper
Director Colin Teague
Executive Producer John Griffin
Executive Producer George Faber
Executive Producer Charles Pattinson
Executive Producer Philippa Gregory
Producer Gina Cronk
Writer Emma Frost
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