The Guilty

Series 1 - Episode 1



I suspect a chunk of The Guilty’s potential audience might dismiss it as yet another grim tale about the effects of the murder of a child on a small, tight community (à la Broadchurch). Which it is, really. But, if you can bear to face the inescapably repellent premise, The Guilty is actually a thoughtful and promising drama.

Four-year-old Callum Reid vanishes without any trace from his home on a well-do-do estate in 2008. Five years later his body is found, buried in a communal garden just yards from the house where his parents Claire and Daniel (Katherine Kelly and Darren Boyd) and brother still live.

The story unfolds in flashback and we see the cracks forming in what at first seems like the perfect little enclave of prosperity and good neighbourliness. Tamsin Greig is DCI Maggie Brand, the detective leading the hunt for Callum’s killer.


Following an annual neighbourhood barbecue in a communal garden, Claire and Daniel Reid discover their four-year-old son Callum has gone missing, and a nationwide police search is launched, but the boy is not found. Five years later, as workmen repair a burst water main in the same garden, his body is unearthed, just a short distance from his home. Having been forced to step down from the original case, DCI Maggie Brand leads the investigation into Callum's death, while adjusting to the news her young son has autism. Crime drama set across two timelines, starring Tamsin Greig, Katherine Kelly and Darren Boyd.

Cast & Crew

Daniel Reid Darren Boyd
DCI Maggie Brand Tamsin Greig
Claire Reid Katherine Kelly
Callum Reid Daniel Runacres-Grundstrom
Sam Colman Tommy Potten
Ruth Hyde Pooky Quesnel
Older Luke Reid Jude Foley
Frank Lawson Alan Williams
Jeb Colman Jamie Sives
Malcolm James William Ellis
Lynn Brand Linda Marlowe
DS Vinesh Roy Arsher Ali
Dr Mike Rowntree Adam Kotz
Nina Huber Madlen Meyer
Young Luke Reid Teddy Fitzpatrick
Felix Hyde Joe Zanetti
Joe Wightman Milo Twomey
Jason Byrne Theo Barklem-Biggs
Sean O'Donnell Glen Wallace
Teresa Morgan Ruta Gedmintas
DC Lenny Jackson Jade Ogugua
DC Ron Singer Jay Simpson
DC Max Cauldwell David Pusey
Ilse Lawson Cleo Sylvestre
DSI Alan Reece Tom Beard
Production assistant Lotte Rice
Director Ed Bazalgette
Executive Producer Beryl Vertue
Producer Elaine Cameron
Writer Debbie O'Malley
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