Series 4 - Episode 1



I am absurdly fond of Whitechapel. It’s silly, yet classy, violent but fun. It’s a black comedy/horror movie where dark alleyways are alive with danger and where corridors are dimly lit and flutter with menace. In fact the lightbulbs in Whitechapel police station are so underpowered I’m surprised no one has instituted a risk assessment. Someone could fall down the stairs!

In a new story a homeless man is killed in the most baroque and revolting way – his ankles are broken, a door is thrown on his prone body and he is slowly crushed to death with stones (it’s a form of torture that killed, most notably, York Catholic martyr Margaret Clitheroe in 1586, fact-fans). Soon Det Insp Joe Chandler (Rupert Penry-Jones) and his faithful henchman Det Sgt Ray Miles (Phil Davis) are looking at the real-life poisoned umbrella murder of Bulgarian dissident Georgi Markov, and the security services are not happy.


The crime thriller returns with the first of a two-part story, starring Rupert Penry-Jones. Chandler, Miles and the team investigate the murder of a man crushed to death by stones. As the killer's macabre methods become clearer, a second body is discovered and the detectives suspect the executions are being carried out by a witch hunter. However, their progress is impeded as links to 20th-century espionage attract attention from the security services. With Phil Davis and Steve Pemberton.

Cast & Crew

DI Joseph Chandler Rupert Penry-Jones
DS Ray Miles Phil Davis
Edward Buchan Steve Pemberton
DC Emerson Kent Sam Stockman
DC Finley Mansell Ben Bishop
DC Megan Riley Hannah Walters
Dr Caroline Llewellyn Claire Rushbrook
Alexander Zukanov David Gant
Erica Kent Leah Whitaker
Lee Bysack Jake Curran
Louise Iver Angela Pleasence
Oliver Diggory Tom Beard
John Washington William Beck
Igor Damian Dudkiewicz
Stella Knight Daisy Beaumont
Dorothy Cade Deddie Davies
Cecilia Cade Georgine Anderson
Crispin Wingfield Brian Protheroe
Hotel manager Morgan Jones
Director Jon East
Executive Producer Sally Woodward Gentle
Producer Patrick Schweitzer
Writer Ben Court
Writer Caroline Ip
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