Hitler's Drug Use Revealed

Series 2 - Episode 2 Hitler's Drug Use Revealed



It’s hardly surprising that the frantic, paranoid, sweaty leader of the Third Reich might have taken cocaine. And yet, the extent of his supposed habit would shock even the most hardened storm trooper.

The dictator’s medical records suggest a hopeless addict. Many were written by the Führer’s very own Dr Feelgood: his personal physician, Theodor Morell. The doctor accompanied him everywhere, prescribing a dangerous cocktail of drugs.

As you would expect from a coked-up Hitler, this is lurid stuff that overreaches itself. The claims also have to be seen in their historical context: Goering was infamously hooked on morphine and even Churchill, with his cigars and brandy, was no stranger to substance abuse. That said, it exposes yet another dark side to the dictator. High Hitler, indeed.


Historians and psychologists investigate whether Hitler was a cocaine addict, if his doctor tried to poison him and whether he was well enough to lead Germany.