The Nouvion Oars

Series 6 - Episode 3 The Nouvion Oars



Von Klinkerhoffen's trust for the Gestapo is rapidly diminishing, so he orders Helga to marry Herr Flick so she can keep an eye on his activities. Elsewhere, the British airmen head to the canal to rendezvous with the submarine waiting for them. Comedy, starring Gorden Kaye, Hilary Minster and Kim Hartman.

Cast & Crew

Rene Artois Gorden Kaye
Edith Artois Carmen Silvera
Yvette Carte-Blanche Vicki Michelle
Michelle Dubois Kirsten Cooke
General Von Klinkerhoffen Hilary Minster
Herr Otto Flick Richard Gibson
Helga Kim Hartman
Colonel Von Strohm Richard Marner
Flying Officer Fairfax John D Collins
Flying Officer Carstairs Nicholas Frankau
Director Martin Dennis
Writer Jeremy Lloyd
Writer David Croft
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