Love and Marriage

Love and Marriage

Series 1 - Episode 6



The final episode of this amiable comedy drama is nicely bittersweet, and we are left with the feeling that life in the Paradise family will continue to be turbulent, long after the credits have rolled. But, though it’s been a good-natured six weeks, I’m not sure I want to see any more. Sometimes, you know, things just end and that’s fine.

Pauline Paradise (Alison Steadman) continues to carve a new life away from her dull, lugubrious husband Ken (Duncan Preston). He, in turn, decides he must move on and takes steps to get rid of all traces of his estranged wife, which doesn’t go down well with the rest of the family. Meanwhile, horrible, self-obsessed Heather confides her big secret
in her nearest and dearest. Uh-oh.


Ken resigns himself to life without Pauline, putting the family home on the market and trying to sell all its contents, but it's during a date with someone he has met online that he realises what he must do to save his marriage. Will Pauline be willing to give him another chance? Elsewhere, Heather finally makes a choice between Ashley and Charlie, Rowan faces the reality of living alone and Sarah resolves to accept Kevin for all his flaws. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Pauline Paradise Alison Steadman
Ken Paradise Duncan Preston
Rowan Holdaway Celia Imrie
Tommy Sutherland Larry Lamb
Kevin Paradise Stewart Wright
Sarah Paradise Ashley Jensen
Martin Paradise Graeme Hawley
Michelle Paradise Zoe Telford
Heather McCallister Niky Wardley
Charlie McCallister James McArdle
Peter Bachman Bruce Alexander
Scarlett Quilter Jessica Sula
Philippa Bates Debra Penny
Ashley Roehampton John Heffernan
Nathan Paradise George Boden
Abby Paradise Eryn McNally
Alex Ross Armstrong
Ruth Bethan Witcomb
Hairy Dave Barry Aird
Vivienne Jane How
Joyce Jane Wood
Child Caitlin Cronin
Child Joseph Cronin
Child Sam Cronin
Child Lucy Cronin
Child Betty Cronin
Child Lara Beardmore
Child Daisy Hinett
Director Roger Goldby
Executive Producer Will Gould
Executive Producer Rebecca de Souza
Executive Producer Stewart Harcourt
Producer Lawrence Till
Writer Stewart Harcourt
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Drama Comedy