Horizon: Don't Worry, Be Happy

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Horizon: Don't Worry, Be Happy

Series 49



“As you get older, are things better, the same or worse than you thought they would be?” It’s a simple enough question, but it turns out to be a killer in its way. Michael Mosley learns that having positive beliefs about ageing, as revealed via questions like this, has been shown to give people an improvement in life-expectancy of, on average – and this is the staggering bit – seven-and-a-half years.

It’s one of many eye-opening findings here. Mosley has become TV’s wellbeing guru via brilliant programmes on dieting and exercise, but he is habitually anxious, negative and stressed: can the latest science help? It’s almost as interesting to see the magical home movies of Mosley as a child. Then, at least, he was happy.


Michael Mosley explores the latest research in genetics and neuroscience to find out what factors shape people's personalities and whether they can be changed. Michael tries two techniques in an attempt to make him worry less and become more of an optimist - with surprising results.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Michael Mosley
Director Helen Nixon
Producer Helen Nixon
Series Editor Aidan Laverty
Documentary Science