Egypt's Lost Cities

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Egypt's Lost Cities


You’d think that the potential to discover “hidden ancient Egypt” using so-called “space archaeology” – satellites equipped with infrared cameras – is fascinating enough. But no, this popular science doc has to add some Hollywood stardust with allusions to Indiana Jones.

The technology was developed by US archaeologist Sarah Parcak, who says the ghostly dots on the images identify sites of enormous historical significance, including the lost city of Tanis. Excavation work begins, but is halted by the upheavals of the Arab Spring. When the team return, they are shocked at what they find.


Dallas Campbell and Liz Bonnin join Dr Sarah Parcak on a journey to Egypt to find out whether cities, temples and pyramids are lying beneath the sands. The potential existence of the buildings was suggested by satellites as part of an alternative approach to archaeology.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Dallas Campbell
Presenter Liz Bonnin
Contributor Sarah Parcak
Director Harvey Lilley
Executive Producer Phil Dolling
Producer Harvey Lilley
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