Dex Takes a Holiday

Series 4 - Episode 4 Dex Takes a Holiday



Rita takes the kids out of town for the weekend, leaving Dexter with time to stalk a new victim and he sets his sights on a police officer suspected of murdering her family. LaGuerta and Batista argue over department protocol, which threatens their professional relationship, and Debra aids Lundy in his quest to find the Trinity serial killer.

Cast & Crew

Dexter Morgan Michael C Hall
Rita Bennett Julie Benz
Debra Morgan Jennifer Carpenter
Joey Quinn Desmond Harrington
Vince Masuka CS Lee
Maria LaGuerta Lauren Velez
Angel Batista David Zayas
Harry Morgan James Remar
Arthur Mitchell John Lithgow
Anton Briggs David Ramsey
Frank Lundy Keith Carradine
Astor Bennett Christina Robinson
Zoey Kruger Christina Cox
Director John Dahl
Writer Melissa Rosenberg
Writer Wendy West
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