That Night, a Forest Grew

Series 2 - Episode 7 That Night, a Forest Grew



A written manifesto from the Bay Harbour Butcher throws the task force into chaos. As Dexter gets closer to the truth about his past, he plots to get Doakes suspended from the force - and also sees his life begin to spiral out of control as Lila's influence takes its toll.

Cast & Crew

Dexter Morgan Michael C Hall
Rita Bennett Julie Benz
Lila Tournay Jaime Murray
Debra Morgan Jennifer Carpenter
Sgt James Doakes Erik King
Vince Masuka CS Lee
Lt Maria Laguerta Lauren Velez
Angel Batista David Zayas
Special Agent Frank Lundy Keith Carradine
Gail Brandon JoBeth Williams
Gabriel Dave Baez
Director Jeremy Podeswa
Writer Daniel Cerone
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