Devils on Horseback - Part One

Series 4 - Episode 1 Devils on Horseback - Part One



Sometimes it’s not enough for a TV detective simply to solve crimes. They need a sideline to make them more interesting. And so, in this series from the 1990s, mild-mannered Henry Crabbe (played by the late Richard Griffiths) is desperate to leave the force to concentrate on cooking at his beloved restaurant in the fictional town of Middleton.

In this two-part story he and wife Margaret (Maggie Steed) are at the races when a young jockey is found dead under suspicious circumstances. In between noting down the cookery tips on brown bread ice cream and cider-making, keep an eye open for Samantha Janus and a very young Keeley Hawes.


Part one of two. Crabbe leaves the restaurant behind for a day at the races, but his fun is cut short by the discovery of a stable lad's dead body. Starring Richard Griffiths, Samantha Womack, Maggie Steed and Malcolm Sinclair.

Cast & Crew

Henry Crabbe Richard Griffiths
Margaret Crabbe Maggie Steed
Freddy Fisher Malcolm Sinclair
Sophia Cambridge Bella Enahoro
Nicola Samantha Womack
Gary Palmer Nicholas Lamont
Leon Henderson Nick Raggett
Bob Bishop Malcolm Storry
Tony Bishop Guy Oliver-Watts
Liz Bishop Amelia Curtis
Jerry Lawless James Cunningham
Stella Jackson Keeley Hawes
Director Malcolm Mowbray
Writer Richard Maher
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