Faceless Killers

Series 2 - Episode 1 Faceless Killers



The detective is called to a remote farmhouse, where he finds an elderly man has been murdered, and his wife is close to death. He hears the woman mutter something before dying, but cannot decipher her words. When he is pressured into revealing what he believes they were, the consequences of his reply have a serious impact on life in the town of Ystad. Drama based on the best-selling books by Henning Mankell, starring Kenneth Branagh, Sarah Smart and Richard McCabe, with Dearbhla Molloy and June Watson.

Cast & Crew

Kurt Wallander Kenneth Branagh
Ann-Britt Hoglund Sarah Smart
Magnus Martinsson Tom Hiddleston
Lisa Holgersson Sadie Shimmin
Nyberg Richard McCabe
Povel Wallander David Warner
Gertrude Polly Hemmingway
Linda Wallander Jeany Spark
Jamal Arsher Ali
Lars Herdin Dave Hill
Anita Johansson Dearbhla Molloy
Ellen Magnusson June Watson
Maria Lovgren Karin Bertling
Johannes Lovgren Rune Bergman
Hanna Lovgren Joanne Howarth
Stefan Nystrom Roger Watkins
Rune Bergman Michael Gould
Valfrid Strom Fredrik Gunnarson
Peters Tom MacCall
Daniel Gylling William Scott-Masson
Bank manager Josh Cole
Britta-Lena Boden Rachael Chisholm
Dead migrant worker's wife Akbal Abbas-Waernbaum
Fairground operator Ali Ajeel
Carousel man Reza Dehban
Waitress Chrissie Cotterill
Nurse Karen Gledhill
Migrant worker Dhafer L'Abidine
Director Hettie Macdonald
Series Producer Sanne Wohlenberg
Writer Richard Cottan
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