Endless Love

Series 4 - Episode 22 Endless Love



Melinda hosts a study group organised by Ned and notices his classmate Serena is being haunted. Later that night, Serena goes missing, and the medium helps the student's mother and Delia search for her, before she becomes a ghost herself.

Cast & Crew

Melinda Gordon Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jim Clancy/Sam Lucas David Conrad
Ned Banks Christoph Sanders
Eli James Jamie Kennedy
Sam Lucas Kenneth Mitchell
Delia Banks Camryn Manheim
Serena Westen Alexa Vega
Zoe Ramos Jaclyn DeSantis
Andrew Carlin Jake Thomas
Mr Westen Erich Anderson
Jonathan Harkness Andrew James Allen
Karen Westen Gail O'Grady
Director Ian Sander
Writer PK Simonds
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