The Temple of Sands

Series 1 - Episode 4 The Temple of Sands



Drama-documentary following explorer Giovanni Belzoni's competition with fellow collector Bernardino Drovetti as the pair arrive in Thebes. Furious that his rival has removed the best of his artefacts from the city's temples, Belzoni reconsiders his strategy and a stroke of ingenuity on his part leads to an important discovery - the temple of Rameses II. Matthew Kelly and Joseph Long star.

Cast & Crew

Giovanni Belzoni Matthew Kelly
Sarah Belzoni Lynsey Baxter
James Curtin Nevan Finegan
Bernardino Drovetti Joseph Long
Henry Salt Robert Portal
William Beechy Richard Dempsey
Yanni Athanasiou Kevork Malikyan
Charles Irby Joseph Beattie
James Mangles Gyuri Sarossy
Hamet the Reiss Hagag Youssef Hagag
1st Henchman Hamdy Heikal
2nd Henchman Ahmad Elnabolsy
Rameses II Fuman Dar
Director Ferdinand Fairfax
Executive Producer Phil Dolling
Series Producer Paul Bradshaw
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