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The Almost People

Series 6 - Episode 6 The Almost People



“It’s them or us” is the explosive scenario that opens The Almost People, which concludes Matthew Graham’s two-part story. The bio-engineered workforce on a future-Earth acid plant is rising up against the humans. But is the mock-Doc one of us, or one of them? Two heads – and four hearts – are clearly not better than one as far as a troubled Amy is concerned.

Like Madame Tussauds in a heat wave, the factory is in meltdown: all power lost, “Gangers” seeking revenge, and toxic fumes pouring through the corridors. It’s old-school, scary Who tempered with touchy-feely modern Who, sporting a cast of familiar faces (among them Ashes to Ashes’ Marshall Lancaster, Lead Balloon’s Raquel Cassidy and English Wallander’s Sarah Smart).

Who are the real monsters is the question viewers are asked, but the ethical debate gets elbowed aside in favour of a straight race against time. It’s still a story of chilly moments and off-topic twists, with some macabre images that might disturb the very young.


Part two of two. As the solar storm continues to rage, a doppelganger seeks revenge against her makers and vows to lead her fellow slaves in a revolution against humanity. However, with the installation crumbling around them, there is no time for disputes and the Doctor struggles to help both parties put aside their differences and solve the problem together. Guest starring Sarah Smart (At Home with the Braithwaites) and Raquel Cassidy (Lead Balloon).

Cast & Crew

The Doctor Matt Smith
Amy Pond Karen Gillan
Rory Williams Arthur Darvill
Jimmy Mark Bonnar
Buzzer Marshall Lancaster
Jennifer Sarah Smart
Foreman Cleaves Raquel Cassidy
Dicken Leon Vickers
Eye Patch Lady Frances Barber
Adam Edmond Moulton
Director Julian Simpson
Producer Marcus Wilson
Writer Matthew Graham
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