A Touch of Frost

Private Lives

Series 6 - Episode 3 Private Lives



Grizzled copper Jack Frost teams up with an obnoxious, chain-smoking colleague to investigate a seemingly straightforward hit-and-run incident that proves to have devastating repercussions for the victim's family and their peaceful rural community. David Jason, Bruce Alexander and Philip Jackson star.

Cast & Crew

DI Jack Frost David Jason
Supt Stanley Mullett Bruce Alexander
WPC Holland Miranda Pleasance
Det Sgt Sharpe Philip Jackson
Richard Darrow Peter Egan
Rachel Darrow Paloma Baeza
Marion Maureen O'Brien
Owen Kimble Ross Boatman
Emily Rachel Power
Graham Rutherford Tom Chadbon
Paula Lesley Clare O'Neill
Leo Armfield Paul Brightwell
Sgt Brady James McKenna
Ernie Trigg Arthur White
PC Martins David Blair
Walker Jerome Willis
Security guard Sidney Livingstone
Dr Jones Timothy Davies
Sister Jane Snowden
Pub landlord John Arthur
Don Nick Lucas
Charlie Philip Bowen
Jeff Timothy Knightley
Bernard Peter Benson
Garmon David J Nicholls
Alison Caroline Woodruff
Bryony Darrow Tracey Leigh Hunt
Director David Reynolds
Producer Don Leaver
Writer Russell Gascoigne
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