The Royle Family

The Queen of Sheba

Episode 4 The Queen of Sheba



One-off episode. Almost seven years have passed since Baby David's christening, but Jim is still picking his nose and setting the world to rights from his armchair. Nana is now the centre of attention after moving in and Antony is a successful businessman. Denise is pregnant again and sporting fancy hair extensions, while Cheryl is still trying to lose weight and looking for love. Caroline Aherne, Craig Cash and Ricky Tomlinson star.

Cast & Crew

Jim Royle Ricky Tomlinson
Barbara Royle Sue Johnston
Denise Best Caroline Aherne
Dave Best Craig Cash
Little David Harry Cash
Nana Liz Smith
Cheryl Carroll Jessica Hynes
Antony Royle Ralf Little
Derek Steve Huison
Mary Carroll Doreen Keogh
Lewis Royle Connor Marsh
Slash Dave Howarth
Twiggy Geoffrey Hughes
Soloman Phil Mealey
Joe Carroll Peter Martin
Father Kennedy Jim Whelan
PJ John Delaney
Callum Billy Cash
Director Mark Mylod
Producer John Rushton
Writer Craig Cash
Writer Caroline Aherne
Writer Phil Mealey
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Comedy Sitcom