Last of the Summer Wine

Is Jeremy Quite Safe?

Series 29 - Episode 4 Is Jeremy Quite Safe?



The women of the village are impressed by a series of fanciful tales told by a retired jewel thief about his larcenous exploits in the south of France. However, the scoundrel's skills are put to the test when Marina and Miss Davenport seek his aid in helping Auntie Wainwright crack a keyless safe. John Challis guest stars.

Cast & Crew

Clegg Peter Sallis
Truly Frank Thornton
Alvin Brian Murphy
PC Cooper Ken Kitson
PC Walsh Louis Emerick
Barry Mike Grady
Howard Robert Fyfe
Marina Jean Fergusson
Nora Batty Kathy Staff
Entwistle Burt Kwouk
Auntie Wainwright Jean Alexander
Tom Tom Owen
Jeremy John Challis
Miss Davenport Josephine Tewson
Glenda Sarah Thomas
Director Alan JW Bell
Producer Alan JW Bell
Writer Roy Clarke
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