Series 5 - Episode 15 Implosion



In the 100th episode of the paranormal drama, Melinda is contacted by a ghost with news that a bomb has gone missing from a hidden munitions dump. The spirit warns her that the thief intends to use the device to kill someone, and urges her to locate it before disaster strikes. Directed by and starring Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Cast & Crew

Melinda Gordon Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jim Clancy David Conrad
Ned Banks Christoph Sanders
Eli James Jamie Kennedy
Delia Banks Camryn Manheim
Officer Luis Simon Jose Zuniga
Det Sam Blair Ion Overman
George Stephen Lee
Julie Alexie Gilmore
Joey Joey Luthman
Aiden Lucas Connor Gibbs
Private Paul Dwain Murphy
Josh Bedford Bruce Davison
Jim Chris Divecchio
Dennis Frank Krueger
Ghost soldier Jeff Leaf
Ghost nurse Sarah Teresa
Director Jennifer Love Hewitt
Writer John Gray
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