The Green Green Grass

If You Go Down to the Woods

Series 3 - Episode 3 If You Go Down to the Woods



Marlene is distraught when Tyler and Earl the dog go missing. Boycie, Bryan and Jed form a search party, but hunting through the haunted woods at night proves a less than pleasant experience for the would-be rescuers. John Challis and Sue Holderness star.

Cast & Crew

Boycie John Challis
Marlene Sue Holderness
Tyler Jack Doolan
Elgin David Ross
Bryan Ivan Kaye
Mrs Cakeworthy Ella Kenion
Jed Peter Heppelthwaite
Beth Lisa Diveney
Ray Nigel Harrison
Hiker Dad Stephen Rose
Director Dewi Humphreys
Director Gareth Gwenlan
Producer Gareth Gwenlan
Producer Henry Klejdys
Writer Jim Sullivan
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