The Royle Family Special: Joe's Crackers

The Royle Family Special: Joe's Crackers



It is Christmas Day in the Royle household, and Jim is out of action following an unfortunate incident in the precinct, while Dave and Denise are concerned their gift of a fridge magnet looks poor next to the lavish presents brought by Anthony. Next door neighbours Joe and Cheryl are later invited over for Christmas dinner - but the family does not bank on the recently deceased Mary turning up too. Ricky Tomlinson, Sue Johnston, Caroline Aherne, Craig Cash and Ralf Little star in a festive edition of the comedy from 2010.

Cast & Crew

Jim Royle Ricky Tomlinson
Barbara Royle Sue Johnston
Denise Best Caroline Aherne
Dave Best Craig Cash
Anthony Royle Ralf Little
Saskia Joanne Froggatt
Joe Carroll Peter Martin
Cheryl Carroll Jessica Hynes
Director Caroline Aherne
Producer John Rushton
Writer Caroline Aherne
Writer Craig Cash
Writer Phil Mealey
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