The Street

Series 1 - Episode 3



Well-respected teacher Brian Peterson is caught in an embarrassing situation by a girl while jogging in the park. Though he decides to put the incident behind him, he is recognised by the youngster during a parents' evening - sparking a police investigation into his behaviour, and prompting his life to unravel as secrets from his past are revealed. Drama, starring Neil Dudgeon and Lindsay Coulson.

Cast & Crew

Brian Peterson Neil Dudgeon
Ann Peterson Lindsey Coulson
Eddie McEvoy Timothy Spall
Stan McDermott Jim Broadbent
Jenna Doran Jessica Baglow
Connor Peterson Lee Battle
Shannon Peterson Sacha Parkinson
Amy Peterson Anya Simpson
Frannie Doran Tony Maudsley
Carly Doran Tylah Tomkins-Simpson
Stella Julie Riley
Chris Paul Gabriel
Michael Steve Huison
Liz Doran Jane Hogarth
Headteacher Paul Copley
Mr McArdle Tim Beasley
Sophie Fitzgerald Natalie Richards
Miss Hutchinson Justine Adams
Sean O'Neill Lee Ingleby
Yvonne O'Neill Christine Bottomley
Billy Roberts Jody Latham
John Roberts David Schofield
PC Fraser Gerard Fletcher
Effing Nellie Pauline Daniels
Scally Jordan Murphy
Tarty school girl 1 Kirsty-Leigh Porter
Tarty school girl 2 Emma Edmondon
School governor Jacqueline Naylor
Director Terry McDonough
Executive Producer Sita Williams
Producer Ken Horn
Writer Marc Pye
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