How Earth Made Us

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Deep Earth

Series 1 - Episode 1 Deep Earth



This series first went out in 2010 and was the best of Iain Stewart’s inspired efforts to make the world of rocks, strata and tectonic plates open to all. Even those of us who might naturally run a mile from anything headed “geology documentary” can get a lot out of Stewart explaining how fault lines in the Earth’s crust helped foster the first human societies.

Dry? Not a bit of it. Fault lines gave us metal tools – via smelting – and launched the Minoan civilisation, “where life switched from being dictated by the grim realities of survival into something we could actually enjoy”. Which in the Minoans’ case meant jumping over bulls for fun.


Iain Stewart explains how geology, geography and climate have influenced humanity, discovering how four different planetary forces have shaped the history of the species. He begins by highlighting how active fault lines in the Earth's surface provided the key resources used by ancient civilisations to survive.

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Presenter Iain Stewart
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