The Pharaoh and the Showman

Series 1 - Episode 3 The Pharaoh and the Showman



Drama-documentary about Giovanni Belzoni, a circus strongman and adventurer who was sent to recover a seven-ton granite bust of Rameses II from an Egyptian temple for the British Museum. Farther down the Nile, near the border with modern-day Sudan, Belzoni's team came across a temple carved directly out of the side of a mountain. With Matthew Kelly, Lynsey Baxter and Nevan Finegan.

Cast & Crew

Giovanni Belzoni Matthew Kelly
Sarah Belzoni Lynsey Baxter
James Curtin Nevan Finegan
Bernardino Drovetti Joseph Long
Caimakan Badi Uzzaman
Henry Salt Robert Portal
John Lewis Bukhardt Thomas Lockyer
Hamet the Reiss Hagag Youssef Hagag
Henchman Hamdy Heikal
Ramesses II Fuman Dar
Executive Producer Phil Dolling
Series Producer Paul Bradshaw
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