Law & Order: Special Victims Unit


Series 5 - Episode 19 Sick



The police discover a 12-year-old boy posted sinister threats to a girl in an internet chatroom and suspect his anger stems from sexual abuse. The trail soon leads Benson and Stabler to a billionaire known for his generous donations to charities and his hospitality to young house guests.

Cast & Crew

Det Elliot Stabler Christopher Meloni
Det Olivia Benson Mariska Hargitay
Det John Munch Richard Belzer
ADA Casey Novak Diane Neal
Det Odafin `Fin' Tutuola Ice-T
Dr George Huang BD Wong
Capt Donald Cragen Dann Florek
Dr Melinda Warner Tamara Tunie
Dr Kyle Beresford Stephen Gregory
Judge Joseph P Terhune Philip Bosco
Chauncey Zierko Peter Riegert
Cleo Conrad Jill Marie Lawrence
Trevor Langan Peter Hermann
April Hodges Madeleine Martin
JJ Ostilow Shane Haboucha
Jeremy Ostilow James Colby
Ann Ostilow Jennifer Van Dyck
Mitchell Edison Nick Cubbler
Lisette Ostilow Ryan Simpkins
Jonas Haase Tim Ewing
Billy Tripley Will Keenan
Judge Mary Conway Clark Marlo Thomas
Nora Hodges Cindy Williams
Gladis Susanna Guzman
Director David Platt
Executive Producer Dick Wolf
Executive Producer Ted Kotcheff
Executive Producer Neal Baer
Executive Producer Peter Jankowski
Writer Dawn DeNoon
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