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The Grey Sisters

Series 2 - Episode 6 The Grey Sisters



“No big battles” may make this story sound pedestrian, but it’s a blessed relief. After all the siege mentality and zombie battling, there’s finally a little breathing space for the main characters. But these are still desperate times: as one of our heroes lies dying, Jason hounds the assailant with his best Liam Neeson impression (“I will find you, and I will kill you”).

Even the Oracle is impotent. So what’s the answer? A good old-fashioned quest, involving a trio of hideous, cackling hags (the Grey Sisters of Greek myth), a forbidding enemy lair and some curiously prehistoric-looking birds. Uneasy alliances, swishes of romance and a moving meditation on love write a chapter that really hits the spot.


As Ariadne's life hangs in the balance, Jason's guilt is almost too much to bear and he resolves to do all he can to save her, embarking on a dangerous quest into the unknown. However, after a daring encounter with the ancient Grey Sisters, his mission sees him come full circle, bringing him face to face with Medea and Pasiphae once more. Can he thwart their powerful magic to save his love? Fantasy drama, starring Jack Donnelly, Aiysha Hart, Amy Manson and Sarah Parish.

Cast & Crew

Hercules Mark Addy
The Oracle Juliet Stevenson
Pasiphae Sarah Parish
Jason Jack Donnelly
Pythagoras Robert Emms
Ariadne Aiysha Hart
Orpheus Ronald Pickup
Medea Amy Manson
Melas Ken Bones
Cilix Lorcan Cranitch
Deina Sally Dexter
Enyo Ellie Haddington
Pemphredo Susan Brown
Goran Peter De Jersey
Director Declan O'Dwyer
Executive Producer Julian Murphy
Executive Producer Johnny Capps
Writer Howard Overman
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