Olive Kitteridge

Pharmacy/Incoming Tide

Series 1 - Episode 1 Pharmacy/Incoming Tide



Olive Kitteridge is a complicated woman. An indomitable schoolteacher in a small town in Maine during the 1970s, she seems dissatisfied with the mundanity of her provincial family life, but also caring and attentive.

This languorous dramatisation of Elizabeth Strout’s Pulitzer Prize-winning 2011 short-story collection is largely a character study of Olive, with Frances McDormand excellent at drawing out compassion from such a prickly
character. Her relationship with her good-natured husband (Richard Jenkins) is permanently strained.

In dramatic terms it’s muted, more interested in the rippling after-effects of major events than the events themselves. But it’s compelling
enough to keep you hooked for the two-hour-plus first part.


Drama based on Elizabeth Strout's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel telling the story of life in a New England town over the course of 25 years through the eyes of an acerbic maths teacher. In the first of two parts, Olive is less than overjoyed at her husband Henry's new choice of assistant in his pharmacy, while her son Christopher grows uncomfortable with his mother's attraction to fellow teacher Jim O'Casey. Starring Frances McDormand, Richard Jenkins and Peter Mullan.

Cast & Crew

Olive Kitteridge Frances McDormand
Henry Kitteridge Richard Jenkins
Christopher Kitteridge John Gallagher Jr
Christopher (age 13) Devin Druid
Denise Thibodeau Zoe Kazan
Jim O'Casey Peter Mullan
Angela O'Meara Martha Wainwright
Adapted By Jane Anderson
Director Lisa Cholodenko
Writer Elizabeth Strout
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