Series 4 - Episode 7



Valco owner Brendan O'Connor drops by to see how his daughter Charlie is doing, and Gavin is determined to make her look good - which is easier said than done. Neville reveals a secret, and Colin finally takes charge, forcing grandma Rose and girlfriend Lisa to resolve their differences once and for all - in the back of a locked delivery van.

Cast & Crew

Brian Stephen Tompkinson
Gavin Jason Watkins
Rose Miriam Margolyes
Daniel Samuel Anderson
Charlie Aisling Bea
Sue Lorraine Cheshire
Neville Dominic Coleman
Margaret Rita May
Linda Faye McKeever
Colin Carl Rice
Lisa Beverly Rudd
Brendan O'Connor Simon Delaney
Delivery van driver Paul Mohan
Director Paul Harrison
Producer Alexander Smith
Series Producer Nick Goding
Writer Paul Doolan
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