Series 4 - Episode 6



The staff are unhappy when canteen prices are hiked up, so Charlie puts a smile back on their faces by taking them all out to the local pizza restaurant for lunch - which deputy manager Daniel mistake for an impromptu strike. The simmering feud between Rose and Lisa finally boils over, descending into a bout of fisticuffs.

Cast & Crew

Rose Miriam Margolyes
Daniel Samuel Anderson
Charlie Aisling Bea
Harry Jack Carroll
Sue Lorraine Cheshire
Neville Dominic Coleman
Ian Victor McGuire
Linda Faye McKeever
Colin Carl Rice
Lisa Beverly Rudd
Leona Rachel O'Keefe
Bakery customer Chris Ayres
Egg customer Imogen Smith
Director Paul Harrison
Producer Alexander Smith
Series Producer Nick Goding
Writer Abigail Wilson
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