Series 5 - Episode 8 Shutdown



President Bartlet and the powerful Republican Speaker of the House disagree over the budget, leading to a crisis when the federal government is shut down. Leo, Josh and Toby send White House staff home, but the trio are uneasy as the President refuses to compromise - until Josh hatches a bold plan to challenge the opposing party. Meanwhile, Abbey reappears from her self-imposed exile for a state dinner that she might have to cook herself. Gary Cole guest stars.

Cast & Crew

President Josiah `Jed' Bartlet Martin Sheen
Vice President Bob Russell Gary Cole
Leo McGarry John Spencer
Josh Lyman Bradley Whitford
Toby Ziegler Richard Schiff
Abbey Bartlet Stockard Channing
Charlie Young Dule Hill
Claudia Jean `CJ' Cregg Allison Janney
Donna Moss Janel Maloney
Will Bailey Joshua Malina
Speaker of the House Jeff Haffley Steven Culp
Director Chris Misiano
Writer Mark Goffman
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