The Doctor Blake Mysteries

The Food of Love

Series 2 - Episode 2 The Food of Love



Craig McLachlan (yes, it really is the former Neighbours star under the salt-and-pepper beard and slicked-down hair) returned yesterday in the second series of this period crime drama to reach our shores. Dr Lucien Blake is less of a maverick than in his last outing – although his methods are still unconventional – but the Heartbeat-style evocation of 50s Australia and intriguing storylines remain as enticing as ever. In this episode he investigates the mysterious death of a rock ‘n’ roll star in an alleyway outside Ballarat’s concert hall. A classy addition to daytime.


A rock 'n' roll star dies in an alleyway after performing at a concert in Ballarat, leaving the doctor to investigate the mysterious circumstances of his death - and see past his tumultuous personal life to find the truth.

Cast & Crew

Dr Lucien Blake Craig McLachlan
Jean Beazley Nadine Garner
Chief Supt Matthew Lawson Joel Tobeck
Mattie O'Brien Cate Wolfe
Charlie Davis Charles Cousins