No Exit

Series 5 - Episode 20 No Exit



An airborne contamination alert locks down the West Wing, forcing staff to stay put until the all-clear is sounded. CJ tells Donna some things she'd rather not hear about Josh and her career prospects, while Leo confronts Abbey about the dangers of her recent coping mechanisms. Drama, starring Martin Sheen, Lily Tomlin and Allison Janney.

Cast & Crew

President Josiah `Jed' Bartlet Martin Sheen
Debbie Fiderer Lily Tomlin
Claudia Jean `CJ' Cregg Allison Janney
Donna Moss Janel Moloney
Leo McGarry John Spencer
Abbey Bartlet Stockard Channing
Toby Ziegler Richard Schiff
Josh Lyman Bradley Whitford
Will Bailey Joshua Malina
Kate Harper Mary McCormack
Director Julie Hebert
Writer Carol Flint
Writer Debora Cahn
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