Series 2 - Episode 3



On the therapist’s sofa tonight are Lucille Ball (the late “I Love Lucy” star), a gruff Mrs Noah and Bonnie Parker (Clyde’s partner in crime). We also meet Mary Magdalene and Pocahontas; the former bears an unholy resemblance to Morgana Robinson’s unrepentant Anna Nicole Smith last week, while Pocahontas embarks on a surreal rant about celebrity culture and tax-dodging comedians.

My favourite sketch is a group workshop for women traumatised by Hitchcock: Michelle Gomez plays a brooding Ingrid Bergman, whose treatment involves wrestling with a giant coffee cup. The actors are clearly having so much fun that, even when the gags are more weird than wonderful, it’s impossible not to giggle along.


The therapist is visited by roller-skating comedy actress Lucille Ball, a sex-mad Mary Magdalene, gun-toting outlaw Bonnie Parker and ravenous, yeti-eating Mrs Noah. Native American emigrant Pocahontas also drops in to the consulting room to reveal she is disillusioned with modern British life. Comedy sketches, starring Sam Spiro, Sharon Horgan, Morgana Robinson, Mark Benton and Martha Howe-Douglas, with Rebecca Front.