Enough Nemesis to Go Around

Series 3 - Episode 1 Enough Nemesis to Go Around



With all the global hoopla about Sherlock, it’s easy to forget that there is another Holmes in town. Over two series, Jonny Lee Miller has created a very individual New York-based detective, fighting his personal demons more openly than Mr Cumberbatch, and showing more need of his companion, Joan Watson (an excellent Lucy Liu).

So where are we at the start of the third season? A few months have passed and Joan’s set herself up successfully as an investigator. When Sherlock returns from adventuring in London with MI6, with a new “protégée” in tow, he doesn’t quite get the welcome he expects. But will a classic locked-room mystery bring the estranged pair back together? It’s a cracker of a case, but almost secondary to Joan and Sherlock’s eloquent struggle to re-establish a connection.


Holmes returns to New York with new apprentice Kitty in tow. However, he finds his former partner Joan Watson has become Gregson's preferred investigator in his absence and realises he won't get within earshot of a case unless he can convince her to forgive him over their earlier falling out. Modern-day Sherlock Holmes adventure, starring Jonny Lee Miller as the celebrated sleuth, with Lucy Liu as Dr Joan Watson and Ophelia Lovibond as new sidekick Kitty Winter.

Cast & Crew

Joan Watson Lucy Liu
Sherlock Holmes Jonny Lee Miller
Thomas `Tommy' Gregson Aidan Quinn
Kitty Winter Ophelia Lovibond
Andrew Mittal Raza Jaffrey
Det Marcus Bell Jon Michael Hill
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