The World's Most Extreme


Series 1 - Episode 1 Roads



This drive through the ten most extreme roads in the world is Ice Road Truckers, Police Camera Action! and World’s Most Dangerous Roads all rolled into one, with all the boring story bits in between crashes edited out. Hurray!

In Russia, for example, dashboard cameras capture Russia’s drunk and dangerous lorry drivers as they swerve and shunt their way across Asia’s highways. Ostensibly the cameras help in insurance claims, although it’s clear they also make a fast buck selling the footage to TV companies. From there it’s off to the avalanche-strewn Kootenay Pass in North America, Japan’s illegal night race scene and the cow-clogged streets of Delhi. Extreme roads, unashamedly daft.


From Siberia to India, the Andes to the Arctic, this programme looks at the world's 10 most extreme roads. Dashboard-mounted cameras capture mayhem in Russia, while in the US, helicopters bomb snowy mountainsides to launch huge avalanches that will help to keep the roads open and safe. In the Australian Outback - where kangaroos can pose more risk than other motorists - truck drivers face all kinds of dangers to deliver their cargo.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Thomas Viner
Series Producer James Buchanan