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The In-Laws

Series 3 - Episode 2 The In-Laws

Monday 2:40am - 3:15am NOW TV GOLD
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Citizen Khan is the perfect pre-watershed retro-comedy. Kids love the pompous community leader because he’s as daft as a brush and those of us old enough to remember 1970s telly will sigh with happy recognition at the ancientness of the gags.

Khan (Adil Ray) gets in a tangle with that greatest of all comedy staples, trying to impress his daughter’s prospective mother-in-law, coupled with probably the second of all comedy staples, trying not to mention another man’s terrible toupee.

Naturally Khan can’t help himself and falls headlong into numerous tonsorial traps. Watch out, too, for a piece of slapstick involving a remote-controlled swivel chair as the Khans invite doltish Amjad’s parents for a pre-wedding dinner. Mind the best china!


With Shazia and Amjad's wedding fast approaching, the Khans invite the Maliks over for dinner, concerned they have never hit it off with the groom's mother - and also hope Amjad's father can help Mr Khan get onto a business committee. They pull out all the stops to impress, with Mrs Khan cooking up a storm in the kitchen, parlour games being organised, Mr Khan buying a new suit, and the couple even having a new piece of furniture to show off. But then an unexpected phone call jeopardises the event. Adil Ray and Shobu Kapoor star, with guest appearances by Ted Robbins and Colin McFarlane.

Cast & Crew

Mr Khan Adil Ray
Mrs Khan Shobu Kapoor
Shazia Khan Maya Sondhi
Alia Khan Bhavna Limbachia
Amjad Malik Abdullah Afzal
Mrs Malik Harvey Virdi
Mr Malik Anil Goutam
Keith Phil Nice
Sergeant Ted Robbins
DI Taylor Colin McFarlane
Director Tom Poole
Executive Producer Rebecca Papworth
Producer Richard Grocock
Writer Anil Gupta
Writer Richard Pinto
Writer Adil Ray
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