Forbidden History

The Lost Treasures of Petra

Series 2 - Episode 1 The Lost Treasures of Petra



Jamie Theakston returns in this frankly rather shallow look at some great historical “mysteries”. He’s in the fabulous city of Petra, a great trading centre in Roman times. Visitors today are thrilled by Petra’s spectacular desert setting and buildings like the Treasury. It’s a huge site, but to date less than 20 per cent has been excavated. So it’s no surprise that stories abound of treasure just waiting to be found, left by pharaohs or Crusades-era kings.

Jamie talks to local Bedouin, who are still enthusiastic treasure-hunters, and visits an extensive private collection in the Jordanian capital, Amman. But I’m afraid most of the talking heads are of the “Oh, I’m sure there’s something there somewhere” variety, and lack historical gravitas.


The documentary exploring historical mysteries returns, beginning with Jamie Theakston looking at the lost city of Petra in Jordan. The presenter questions whether any treasures still lie beneath the site in hidden tombs, and enlists the help of local historians.

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Presenter Jamie Theakston