George Clarke's Amazing Spaces

UFO House and Floating Pool

Series 4 - Episode 2 UFO House and Floating Pool



The jolly architect visits a house that would look at home in a Steven Spielberg blockbuster. No, not a UFO: it’s a Futuro House, one of fewer than a hundred built by a Finnish architect in the Swinging Sixties and the first to be constructed in Britain for half a century. That’s if the owner can assemble it. He fell in love with it on a childhood holiday in South Africa and 30 years later had it shipped back to Hertfordshire in 16 pieces, which prove to be a costly puzzle.

At the other end of the spectrum, George meets a woman who insists on using age-old building materials including earth, sand, straw and human hair.


The architect meets a man trying to build the first UFO-styled prefabricated Futuro house seen in Britain for 50 years, and a woman creating a magical garden room using centuries-old techniques, involving earth, sand, straw and even human hair. George's Italian road trip takes him to a traditional village, where he discovers the most modern of houses with an extraordinary design featuring a floating swimming pool. And, as he and Will get down to work on their wilderness retreat, there's a close shave involving an oak tree.

Cast & Crew

Presenter George Clarke
Executive Producer Will Daws
Series Director Angie Cox
Series Producer Jamie Wightman