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Aunty Noor

Series 3 - Episode 3 Aunty Noor



Step onto the Citizen Khan shuttle and travel right back in time, stopping in the early 1970s when you could make a joke about “a dicky bow” on a TV sitcom and audiences would die laughing.

But Citizen Khan scoffs in the faces of chronology and fashion and yes, there it is, a joke about a dicky bow, as in “maybe I’ll get my dicky bow out”. “Steady on!” wails Mr Khan (Adil Ray) and we are back in the age of innocence. Do people even refer to “dicky bows” any more?

Never mind, Citizen Khan’s world is a lost paradise of pratfalls and silly misunderstandings. Tonight he’s involved in a daft scam involving cut-price nappies and he faces his formidable sister in law, Aunty Noor (Nina Wadia).


Mrs Khan takes on more shifts at the supermarket, leaving her husband in charge of the house - and in his new role, he introduces strict rules and even sends his younger daughter to London for work experience at a mosque. Never one to miss out on a bargain, he then abuses his wife's staff discount card and starts selling nappies to his neighbours at a healthy profit. But when Alia returns from the capital with his domineering sister-in-law Aunty Noor, it looks like his dodgy scam is in danger of being exposed to Mrs Khan. Nina Wadia guest stars in the sitcom, with Adil Ray and Shobu Kapoor.

Cast & Crew

Mr Khan Adil Ray
Mrs Khan Shobu Kapoor
Shazia Khan Maya Sondhi
Alia Khan Bhavna Limbachia
Amjad Malik Abdullah Afzal
Keith Phil Nice
Aunty Noor Nina Wadia
Brian Mike Walling
Director Tom Poole
Executive Producer Rebecca Papworth
Producer Richard Grocock
Writer Anil Gupta
Writer Richard Pinto
Writer Adil Ray
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