Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild

Namibia (Desert)

Series 4 - Episode 1 Namibia (Desert)



Cheetahs chewing holes in your water pipes isn't high on the list of First World problems, but when you live in the Namibian desert like Gideon David, it's a real danger.

Sticking to the recurring theme in this absorbing series, Gideon jacked in a lucrative city career and dropped out of society after an epiphany. Along with his wife and child, he now relies solely on solar power and hasn't worn shoes for 17 years.

Like an enthusiastic pup, Ben joins him to muck in on the ranch, where duties include orally castrating sheep. That's right, Ben Fogle castrates a sheep using his mouth. You have to hand it to him; he's not afraid to get his teeth dirty.


Ben Fogle meets people who have moved to inhospitable parts of the world after leaving the rat race behind. Here he travels to the Namibian desert to spend time with 50-year-old Gideon David, who quit his career in life insurance to live in the largest conservation area in Africa. Ben embraces the harsh and relentless work of farm life in temperatures pushing 40C, tending more than 150 animals, repairing baboon damage to water pipes and learning how to castrate sheep with his teeth.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Ben Fogle
Director Kate Fraser
Executive Producer Melanie Darlaston
Executive Producer Harry Lansdown
Executive Producer Tony Moulsdale
Producer Kate Fraser
Series Producer Natalie Wilkinson
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