The Prodigal Son Returns

Series 1 - Episode 10 The Prodigal Son Returns



Mapleton is plunged into chaos on Memorial Day as the Guilty Remnant makes a provocative move that devastates the community and sets the locals on a revenge mission. As Kevin recalls the Departure and reflects on how it has affected his family, Tom finds himself in an unexpected situation. Elsewhere, Holy Wayne grants a final wish and, in the face of the Guilty Remnant attack, Nora makes a life-changing decision. Justin Theroux, Chris Zylka, Carrie Coon, Christopher Eccleston and Liv Tyler star.

Cast & Crew

Kevin Garvey Justin Theroux
Matt Jamison Christopher Eccleston
Laurie Garvey Amy Brenneman
Meg Abbott Liv Tyler
Tom Garvey Chris Zylka
Jill Garvey Margaret Qualley
Nora Durst Carrie Coon
Lucy Warburton Amanda Warren
Patti Levin Ann Dowd
Christine Annie Q
Kevin Garvey Sr Scott Glenn
Wayne Paterson Joseph
Director Mimi Leder
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