Big School

Series 2 - Episode 6



Sharing is not a concept the teaching staff understand at Greybridge School. So Trevor’s not happy when caretaker Gareth, who’s sleeping in the classrooms, moves in with him – and then makes moves on his mother Rita (Michele Dotrice). It changes Gareth so much - “The voices in my head have gone, I’m not drinking from puddles any more” – that he even thinks he’s ready to be a geography teacher again.

Also sharing (although a classroom rather than a bed) is Miss Postern and Mr Church. It’s not the most sparkling end to the series, although the moment Catherine Tate’s nose collides with a car window is a real gem of slapstick comedy.


A homeless Mr Barber spends the night in the school, only for disaster to strike when he causes a fire in Miss Postern's classroom. It falls on the reluctant Mr Gunn to put a roof over the head of the hapless caretaker - but how will his mother react to her house guest? The disaster is good news for Mr Church, as Miss Postern moves into his laboratory while her room is redecorated - but they soon find sharing doesn't come naturally. David Walliams, Catherine Tate, Philip Glenister and Steve Speirs star, with a guest appearance from Michele Dotrice (best known as Betty in classic 1970s sitcom Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em).

Cast & Crew

Mr Church David Walliams
Miss Postern Catherine Tate
Mr Gunn Philip Glenister
Ms Baron Frances de la Tour
Mr Barber Steve Speirs
Daphne Jocelyn Jee Esien
Nicholas Matthew Fenton
Jo Cheryl Fergison
Rita Gunn Michele Dotrice
Director Matt Lipsey
Producer Jo Sargent
Writer David Walliams
Writer The Dawson Bros
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