The Lions of Nemea - Part One

Series 8 - Episode 3 The Lions of Nemea - Part One



Hold on a minute, these ITV crime dramas are cross-pollinating. Remember the shrewd sergeant in the DCI Banks series? Well now DS Annie Cabbot has turned up in Lewis’s Oxford, except here Andrea Lowe plays a classics lecturer – less plausibly than she played a cop, it has to be said.

The character’s husband is another academic, a philanderer who is knocked off his bike on a picturesque back street in the opening scene. But he is not the murder victim: that’s his mistress, a post-grad student with a hot temper, found stabbed by the river.

Lewis and Hathaway are now a desultory duo with neither quite in charge – you wish they’d have a row or rustle up some kind of tension. Plus, there’s another sick child who is central to the plot. Next Friday, we’ll find out how.


Part one of two. Hathaway appears to have got over his fear of Lewis treading over his newly promoted toes. Their opposites have attracted in the past, and there seems no reason to suspect that they won't now the younger man has got used to the idea of his former mentor coming out of retirement to lend him a hand. Even DS Maddox isn't getting on Hathaway's nerves quite as much, so this rejuvenated trio sets out to discover who murdered American classics student Rose Anderson, whose body has been hauled from the canal with neck and abdomen wounds. Nevertheless, a few red herrings threaten to get in their way of landing the killer. Kevin Whately, Laurence Fox and Angela Griffin star.

Cast & Crew

DI Lewis Kevin Whately
DI Hathaway Laurence Fox
Dr Laura Hobson Clare Holman
Ch Supt Innocent Rebecca Front
DS Lizzie Maddox Angela Griffin
Jennie Brightway Sian Brooke
Karen Newman Rosie Cavaliero
Paul Brightway Jason Done
Felix Garwood John Light
Philippa Garwood Andrea Lowe
Simon Flaxmore Clive Merrison
Chloe Ilson Jessica Henwick
Harrison Sax Michael Ryan
Rose Anderson Alisha Bailey
Tabby Brightway Kitty Rich
Television journalist Wesley Smith
Director Nick Laughland
Executive Producer Michele Buck
Producer Chris Burt
Writer Noel Farragher
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