The Candidate

Series 2 - Episode 6 The Candidate



It's a public holiday in Rome for the local elections, so Marcus and Stylax sign up as hired clappers for wig-wearing politician Victor of the Gracchii. However, Grumio is drawn toward another candidate named Julius Priscus - but it could simply be because he is giving away free promotional plums. Comedy, guest starring Simon Callow and Jonny Sweet.

Cast & Crew

Marcus Tom Rosenthal
Stylax Joel Fry
Grumio Ryan Sampson
Cynthia Sophie Colquhoun
Metella Lydia Rose Bewley
Flavia Doon Mackichan
Aurelius Tom Basden
Landlord Karl Theobald
Davus Tom Davis
Julius Priscus Jonny Sweet
Victor Simon Callow
Philo Tony Gardner
Ambrosia Eliza Hope Bennett
Tarquin Denis Georgiev
Clemens Marii Rosen
Goblin Milko Yovchev
Director Sam Leifer
Executive Producer Sam Leifer
Executive Producer Caroline Leddy
Producer Teddy Leifer
Writer Tom Basden
Writer Sam Leifer
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