Big School

Series 2 - Episode 5



The last time we saw young Jack Carroll he was on the Britain’s Got Talent stage delivering a sharply comic routine (he was runner-up to Attraction). Here he plays Dean who has been enrolled at Greybridge School because of bullying at his last school, which makes Miss Postern very excited indeed because, as she’s quick to point out, she’s especially good with troubled kids and bullying is her specialist subject.

It leads to Catherine Tate doing a very good impression of a stroppy teen being ousted from the classroom, while Last of the Summer Wine fans will also enjoy a sequence that’s faintly reminiscent of the famous runaway bathtub scene.


The staff celebrate when a veteran member of staff chalks up 40 years of service at Greybridge School - although no sooner has he accepted his gift, he drops dead without anyone realising. When Mr Gunn and Mr Church finally cotton on, it's left to the bumbling duo to get the body out of the school before anyone else notices. Fawlty Towers anyone? Meanwhile, Miss Postern has a new poster boy for her anti-bullying campaign - a disabled boy who was moved from his last school because of intimidation. But the well-meaning French teacher soon discovers nothing is as it seems. David Walliams, Catherine Tate and Philip Glenister star, with a guest appearance from Jack Carroll, the young comedian who was runner-up in 2013 Britain's Got Talent.

Cast & Crew

Mr Church David Walliams
Miss Postern Catherine Tate
Mr Gunn Philip Glenister
Ms Baron Frances de la Tour
Mr Barber Steve Speirs
Mr Martin Daniel Rigby
Mr Hubble James Greene
Jo Cheryl Fergison
Dean Jack Carroll
Nicholas Matthew Fenton
Iqra Nisha Ahmad
Vicar Llewella Gideon
Director Matt Lipsey
Producer Jo Sargent
Writer David Walliams
Writer The Dawson Bros
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